Riesling is a versatile varietal used to make off-dry and semi-sweet styled wines almost always without wood treatment. Also known as Rhine Riesling, Ryn Riesling and Weisser Riesling, it originates from Germany as far back as the 15th century. Today though riesling is to be found throughout most of the winemaking world.

It was first imported into South Africa in the 1960s and planted in commercial quantities from 1974 but plantings remain fairly scarce.

The drier styles pair well with lightly spiced or curried foods while the sweeter styles go well with pork, chicken and meats with fruity sauces as well as nut and apple tarts and desserts.

Sweetness Level: 
The colours range from pale yellow to straw gold especially in the sweeter styles.
Typical aromas include apple, rose, honeysuckle and lime. Hints of honeyed peach, apricot, pear, litchi and cinnamon, clove and ginger may also be present.
These wines are light and delicate with layers of concentrated fruit.