Ranging from dry to sweet, semi-sweet to special and noble late harvest.

First planted in South Africa over 40 years ago, this grape does not do well in warmer climates preferring the cooler areas of the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and its home, Alsace in France. It has had limited success locally where it is used to make off-dry and sweeter wines that are spicy and boldly scented.

Typically this wine varies from straw to pale gold, occasionally with a slight copper or peach hue.

Some residual sugar in the sweeter styles add to the weight while the drier styles can have a slightly bitter finish.

Gewürztraminers tend to be highly aromatic and fragrant. Aromas range from litchis and melon to flower petals, roses and honey.

The flavours vary according to the style of the wine which ranges from dry to sweet.

Pairs well with Thai and Indonesian dishes, smoked cold meats and pâtés. If a sweeter variety, mild curries.

Cheese - Mature cheddar and pungent cheeses go well with this wine.