Chenin blanc

Also known as Steen and Pineau de la Loire.

The most widely cultivated variety in the Cape, growers are raising the standard to new levels. Characterised by its versatility, Chenin Blanc produces good natural wines covering the whole spectrum from sweet to dry, as well as sherry and sparkling wine. Its fruitiness finds favour with a wide range of palates. It is also used for distilling brandy and spirits.

The main plantings in South Africa are in Malmesbury, Paarl and Breedekloof.

Chenin Blanc is believed to have arrived in South Africa with Jan van Riebeeck. The Loire Valley in France is considered to be the spiritual home of Chenin Blanc.

Serve between 12° and 14° C

Crisp and fruity. Lively acid - like biting into a Granny Smith apple.

Pairs well with seafood and Thai food as well as light chicken dishes.

Sweetness Level: 
Late Harvest
Special Late Harvest
Natural Sweet
Noble Late Harvest
Whether oaked or not, a good Chenin Blanc will to be crystal clear when young and tending towards straw yellow and gold when aged.
Combination of paw-paw, grenadilla, banana, pear, peach, sweet hay, apple / almond blossoms or dries summer fruits and crystallised pineapple.
Fresh and fruity.