Cape Riesling

The name Cape Riesling is a misnomer. What is known as Cape Riesling actually refers to the Crouchen grape variety.

Crouchen is a South African and Australian white wine grape variety that originated in the western Pyrenees of France but is now virtually extinct in France due to its high susceptibility to fungal diseases like powdery and downy mildew.

The grape is used in blending as well as in varietal wines. Crouchen is grown mainly in the Paarl and Stellenbosch regions.

The grape is known under a wide variety of synonyms including Clare Riesling and Cape Riesling though it is not related to the well known international variety Riesling.

It is widely grown in South Africa, accounting for almost 3% of vineyards.

Also known as Kaapse Riesling, Paarl Riesling, South African Riesling and in South Africa, Riesling.

The Cape riesling aromas are light and mild in nature.

The flavours are reminiscent of golden apples, fresh cut grass and citrus.

This wine pairs well with spicy tacos, vegetable dumplings and paella.