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South African Wine Styles

Are South African wines Old World or New? This is a question that has been raised by international wine writers about South African wine, and in that question lies the underlying topic of how South African wine gets classified.

Typically, old world wines (such as those from France and Spain) are classified according to the region from which they originate. South African wines however are classified primarily according to their style or, type.

South African wines fall into one of six major categories; white, red, pink, sparkling, dessert and fortified. Each of these is further sub-divided into sub sections, each with its own distinct characteristics.

Here we list the wine styles and show what the unique characteristics of these styles are, some of their history as well as what foods they pair with. As this website evolves, we will also list the South African wines that fall into each of these areas.

As this site is built for the consumer, the way wine styles are listed may not be similar to the way the the SA Wine Industry lists them. However, the way we have listed the Wine Styles here tends to make more sense to the consumer.