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An Iconic South African Champagne

Friday, 12 January 2018

Yes, you read that right - a South African labelled Champagne! Approved by the committee of Champagne.

The Carol Boyes homeware brand has released a limited edition, South African branded Champagne that is made in France but released under a local label. The 1 000 bottle range is made in partnership with Charbaut, a three-generations old French family vineyard which was established in 1936 on the hillsides of Champagne country.

The Carrol Boyes Iconic Champagne label has been officially approved for release by the Committee of Champagne and is described as delicately balanced and patients matured. This limited edition comprises only 1 000 bottles.

"The wines embody the Carrol Boyes lifestyle and are created jointly by renowned designer, Carrol Boyes, and her brother, John Boyes, together with his business partner, Neels Barnardt, both of Barnardt Boyes. In the same way as Carrol designs and manufactures distinctive functional art pieces for the home, so Barnardt Boyes turns ancient soils and fair climates into sumptuous wines with rich sensory appeal." This according to the Carrol Boyes homeware brand.

"The limited-edition vintage is a celebration of matured chardonnay grown in the prestigious Grand and Premier Cru vineyards of Champagne, consisting of 100% Chardonnay. The grapes are carefully selected and picked when perfectly ripe, then immediately pressed and left for 11 years on the lees, to ensure excellent balance between grape character and aging, endowing this Champagne with a fine and delicate effervescence that pleases and excites the palate."

This limited edition is available from the Carrol Boyes flagship store in Somerset West or online from their website (www.carrolboyeswines.com).