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Acid - The components of wine that give it its fresh, tart taste. Most drinks that are refreshing have acids in them.

Alcohol - Besides the obvious kick, it also influences the taste of the wine.

Aroma - Literally the smell of the wine, which can also be related to the characteristics of particular varieties.

Blend - A wine made from combining more than one grape variety.

Corked - A tern used to describe wine spoiled by a cork stopper and giving off a powerful smell.

Cultivar - Grape variety

Dessert Wine - Sweet wine typically accompaning dessert.

Dop - A measured quantity of alcoholic drink, especially the wine ration measured out by farmers for their labourers receiving wine as part of their remuneration.

Estate Wine - Wine originating from an officially registered unit for the production of estate wine.


Residual Sugar - Official sweetness levels are listed in this table.

Varietal Wine - Wine from a single variety of grape

Vinification -

Vintage -